Utställning: Victoria Rikhtik

Torsdagen den 8 december klockan 12.45 är det vernissage igen i Lilla konsthallen!
Utställningen med verk av frilansfotografen Victoria Rikhtik är tillgänglig klockan 10-15 till den 22 december.

Konstnärens presentation:
My name is Victoria. I am a freelance photographer from Ukraine. Before coming to Sweden, I was a fashion photographer in Ukraine and worked
with famous Ukrainian stars, magazines and brands. I ́ve started 14 years ago, but I can feel it with my eyes since childhood.
My worldview was formed by childhood and youth impressions, travels, short statements that became important for the formation of my creative
personality. There are many interesting stories that influenced the taste and vision of the final result and shaped the influence.
In kindergarten, the girl drew a thin line of a small house and big clouds above it. I was impressed by the conciseness of the composition and space.
The picture was already beautiful, but it became amazing when she tore off a corner of the paper with a cloud and put it next to it. As if nothing special,
but this opportunity to cross borders was impressive. Then I realized that I wanted not just to make something beautiful, but something that would be
admired for its uniqueness and originality. I am influenced by the desire to create original works that impress and have aesthetic value. Finding something special is the main subtlety.
My visual taste is driven by the future. It will be interesting to experiment, to look for new forms and modern possibilities. I want to work with something that affects the present. I strive to give life to new connections, to build aesthetic harmony where it is impossible to predict.

My publications: Vogue Ukraine, L’oficciel Ukraine, Harper`s BAZAAR Ukraine, Vous USA, Cosmopolitan Ukraine and Kulblut.


Allmänheten hälsas välkommen till Lilla konsthallen, Litorina folkhögskola, Backsippevägen 4.

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