Welcome to Litorina Folk High School
in Karlskrona

Knowledge knows no boundaries

Litorina Folk High School welcomes about 500 students every year. We are committed not only to getting to know each and every one of them, but to recognise every student’s individual aspirations and goals. 

We offer you the means to reach your goals through individualised programmes of study, thus creating unlimited scope for every student’s needs. The studies are carried out in small groups in the form of various themes and projects. Our point of departure is each student’s needs, prior knowledge and experiences so we can decide on the best way forward. We place importance on teamwork, study visits and travel. 

We offer both long and short courses. If your dream is to build a boat, we can make that dream happen. Litorina’s boatbuilding school is where you are taught the craftsmanship for this.

The main school building is beautifully situated at Gullberna Park, a stone’s throw from the shores of the Baltic and a mere 5 kilometres from Karlskrona city centre. The school’s kiosk offers light lunches and snacks for your Swedish “fika” (coffee or tea breaks). The proximity to the sea is the obvious reason for Litorina’s Baltic profile which is all about getting to know the history, geography and cultures of the peoples of the Baltic region. Study trips to these countries are an integral part of our raison d’etre. 

You will be given the chance to study in an inspiring, multi-cultural environment and to find new ways of developing different skills. With staff and students from over 25 countries, you will benefit from an exciting diversity of cultures and life experiences.

As well as working with individual students, Litorina Folk Högskola also provides training programmes for different businesses and organisations and collaborates on international projects that involve cross-border cooperation.

Litorina Folk High School was founded by: